Day 32 of 365 – “A Second Look”

I didn’t get out to take any photos today so I was as I was looking at some of my previous photos deciding what to post-post, I went way back to my very first photography class and had a scout around my Granville Island test shots. I kind of like some of them. …so I’m posting them here.

This is one of my favourites. I did some post work on it today now that I know more about lightroom and desaturated everything but the lady.
July 2 - old GI (3 of 1)

The original was a bit skewed due to the odd angle I was at but some work with distortion etc made it better.
July 2 - old GI (2 of 1)

This was my first attempt at manipulation using camera movement. Loved the result! There was so much colour with the original shot but I upped the vibrancy a bit for added ‘pizzazz’
July 2 - old GI (4 of 1)

And this one is just fun. You can’t go wrong on Granville Island for photos.
July 2 - old GI (5 of 1)

Day 23 of 365 – “Wise”

So good and bad news. The bad news is I’ve scrapped this weeks theme week. I’m pretty sure I only stuck with it 2 out of the 7 days anyway.

The good news is I bought myself a remote shutter release thing and I’m now going to start practicing long exposures! Yay! I get giddy when I think about attempting some of the awesome shots I’ve seen of long exposures. Of course tonight is a cloudy, rainy day so I can’t try the star trails yet. But don’t you worry, they’ll come.

Tonight I give you East Van Graffiti. Every time I’ve looked at this particular piece of wall art I’ve read it as a question and answer. It’s only now as I’m posting it that it’s actually a quote and author. Hahaha! I prefer it as a question and an answer, myself.

East Van Art