Day 33 of 365 – “Making a Splash”

I was ready to try a new technique. Dropping something into water to capture a splash. That sounded reasonable. You would have thought I’d learned my lesson from the “Pour” incident.

I grabbed my supplies (Camera, Tripod, Background screen [black bed sheet over cardboard], tank [large vase], dropper thing [ornament] and photography lighting [a multitude of table and floor lamps])

and headed to my photography studio (Kitchen table).

So what is it with lighting? specifically expensive lighting that apparently you need to buy. It turns out using your desk lamp, you’re overhead chandelier and even flash lights JUST DON’T WORK!

AND…! why is my camera only allowing me to go up to 1/200 when I have my flash on? I have some serious reading to do.

This is the best result and that’s only because I completely recreated it in post.

July 2 (2 of 1)