Day 67 of 365 – “Reflections”

Today is my mother’s 69th birthday. She’s a special lady so I wanted to do something special for her. I had a brilliant idea that I got from a facebook post that I can no longer find in order to give credit.

Unfortunately, I have yet to figure out lighting and I’m crap at photoshop. None-the-less, here is my attempt at a reflective photo honouring my mom. It’s also backwards… her current self should be seeing her past self in the reflection, but who’s counting.

aug6 v1_edited-2

Day 12 of 365 – “Eto”

Today was awesome. I hung out with my nephew again and we went to the local skate park. He had some sick airfeet, fo-shiz boi. His tricktionary was slammin! I’ll stop. Sorry.

But srsly tho. He litz had some mad skills.

This is my ode to him.

I went black and white for these ones. I wanted gritty. I also haven’t bothered including the camera settings because there was a lot done in post and because they’re for fun.

June12 (1 of 1)

June12 (2 of 1)

June12 (3 of 1)

Day 8 of 365 – “Sun Sippin”

So do you remember that time I was all “what happens if I do more than one thing and I like more than one photo?” and you were all “it’s ok to post a photo taken on another day”


I’m doing that.

Because I went to the beach with my dog again and I know too much of that will get is annoying.

So here’s a picture I took last week of a cool guy.

Sippin in the sun

I made it past a week everyone! (sort of)

ISO 100
Post Processing: Increased contrast & clarity, desaturated, adjusted exposure -2stops

Day 2 of 365 – There’s salmon clowning around

It’s day 2 and I’m finding it difficult to pick a photo. What happens if I did 2 things that day and I really like 2 photos? Am I to just scrap the other photos? Forget they every existed?
Perhaps I’ll keep them and secretly post them on a day I just can’t be bothered. That seems like a great idea as long as I don’t tell anyone.

This pic is of a local salmon barbeque that I walked past. Thankfully I had a friend with me that pointed out the photo op.

Is that a clown?