Day 53 of 365 – “Out on the Water”

I think I might focus on getting my sunset shots to improve. I have a new system. Take my camera in my car when I go out running at night and then go shooting. I may as well learn how to photog while learning how to run. 2 birds, 1 stone and all that.

Now I just need to get my timing down. …aaaand figure out what I’m doing.

Out on the Water

Day 47 of 365 – “Words of Wisdom”

I find my photography skills are getting worse as this 365 project goes along. I don’t know why, maybe it’s because I expect so much of myself yet don’t have the skills to back it up. That and I haven’t been thinking about the photos I’ve been taking lately. I kind of just take my camera wherever I go and hope I can get something out of it. I get home and look at them on the computer screen and twist my nose up and shrug.

I think the idea jar is coming out tomorrow.

Here’s one I happened upon on my dog walk today. That goodness someone out there knew I was struggling and set this up nicely for me in advance.

July 17 (1 of 1)

Day 30 of 365 – “Beauty of Nature”

I’m posting a couple for today because a) it’s my blog and I can if I want to and b) Nature is too beautiful to deny and c) it’s my one month anniversary today! I made it ONE WHOLE MONTH! that is approx 27 days longer than I thought I would last!

June 28 mist (1 of 1)

This one I was trying to capture the mist that was coming off the river. it was near impossible without filters.

The next ones I can’t decide which I like better, The original or the black & white. The original is beautiful (in my opinion) and the colours are nice but the black & white makes it kind of other worldly and beyond reality.

June 29 (3 of 1)

June 29 (4 of 1)