Day 25 of 365 – “Photo Art”

I stumbled upon this piece of photo wall art on Main Street. What a cool idea! This looks to be a montage of someone’s photos from the 90’s.

If anyone out there knows the story behind this, I’d love to hear it.

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Day 23 of 365 – “Wise”

So good and bad news. The bad news is I’ve scrapped this weeks theme week. I’m pretty sure I only stuck with it 2 out of the 7 days anyway.

The good news is I bought myself a remote shutter release thing and I’m now going to start practicing long exposures! Yay! I get giddy when I think about attempting some of the awesome shots I’ve seen of long exposures. Of course tonight is a cloudy, rainy day so I can’t try the star trails yet. But don’t you worry, they’ll come.

Tonight I give you East Van Graffiti. Every time I’ve looked at this particular piece of wall art I’ve read it as a question and answer. It’s only now as I’m posting it that it’s actually a quote and author. Hahaha! I prefer it as a question and an answer, myself.

East Van Art

Day 12 of 365 – “Eto”

Today was awesome. I hung out with my nephew again and we went to the local skate park. He had some sick airfeet, fo-shiz boi. His tricktionary was slammin! I’ll stop. Sorry.

But srsly tho. He litz had some mad skills.

This is my ode to him.

I went black and white for these ones. I wanted gritty. I also haven’t bothered including the camera settings because there was a lot done in post and because they’re for fun.

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Day 5 of 365 – “This guy”

So I was wandering around Granville Island today suck between a job interview and a lunch date (Patio at the Granville Island Hotel – fully recommended!) and on my journey I came across this guy. I snapped a photo because he was cute and random and after going through my photos testing shallow depth of field, focus points, reflections etc etc. This turned out to be my favourite. Random photo of a random object on a random day.

"This Guy"