Day 73 of 365 – “Lion’s Mane”

I was out for a run today without my camera and the dusk light on the horizon was magnificent. Then a huge flock of birds flew over and I wished I had lugged it with me. I had my iphone so I snapped a few photos. I’ll post them one day maybe, but I kind of liked this one for today. Also taken with my iphone but then worked on in lightroom.

Aug 12 (2 of 1)

Day 61 of 365 – “What a…..Sunset?”

I’d like to be able to tell you this photo is of my recent trip to the wilds of the Amazon Rainforest during the most magnificent sunsets I’ll every witness.

I won’t.

Because it’s my back yard. It’s not the sun at all! HAHAHA! I tricked you! It’s the back porch light. But you probably knew that.

I learned a cool new trick today that I tried to put into use. DON’T USE AUTO WHITE BALANCE!

July 31 (2 of 1)