Day 60 of 365 – “Anniversary…Missed”


Today (yesterday) is (was) my 2 month anniversary. 60 days of daily photos – how lovely. I missed it. I didn’t post anything yesterday. I hummed and I hawwwed, but I couldn’t even post a random pic I’d taken in the previous 59 days. I didn’t want to. I was still reeling from losing my remote. It hit hard, that did (does).

Another anniversary is today (tomorrow)! An even better one. Today (tomorrow) is the 1 year anniversary since I adopted my best pal, Barney.

This one’s for you bud!
Barney: “rrrrrrrrrrUMPHff” (he doesn’t care)

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Day 6 of 365 – “Dog Day Afternoon”

I headed to the beach today. It’s a ‘ruff’ life. Rule # 2 – no cheesy puns.

Barney had a terrible day today. Running around on the beach, being chased by awesome dogs. He met even met a cousin! All Bichons are cousins right? There were so many great photos today that it was really difficult to choose one. So… maybe I won’t.

This first one is too adorable not to post. I was on the wrong speed for this kind of shot and Barney (the White Bichon) is out of focus, but whatever. What good is photography if you can’t be an annoying proud parent to your fur baby?


The next photo I’m posting because I love the lines the clouds make leading into the shot. I did up the vibrancy of the sky a bit in post processing. I think all my shots would have turned out better if it was a cloudy day so everything was a bit washed out with the sun so high and bright.

Cloud Hub

I just couldn’t resist with this one…
I desaturated this one and added a minor vignette.


Two peas