Day 64 of 365 – “Works of Fire”

It was the final day of Vancouver’s Celebration of Light, so I finally made it down there to take pictures.

Seeing as I was going to be down there for the entire day, I didn’t want to lug my tripod around with me so I brought my gorilla pod thing. Gorilla pod? is that what it’s called? …anyway, I figured that would be perfectly suitable for stilling the camera to get some long exposures. I didn’t think about the fact that the camera would be so low to the ground and I likely won’t be able to get a clear shot. It turned out ok, I attempted some shots using the “black card” technique. It worked really well for the shots that weren’t completely over exposed in the centre of the blasts (there were a lot of those). This is one of the shots using 30 second shutter speed and covering my lens with the cap intermittently.

Aug 03 (4 of 1)


Day 33 of 365 – “Making a Splash”

I was ready to try a new technique. Dropping something into water to capture a splash. That sounded reasonable. You would have thought I’d learned my lesson from the “Pour” incident.

I grabbed my supplies (Camera, Tripod, Background screen [black bed sheet over cardboard], tank [large vase], dropper thing [ornament] and photography lighting [a multitude of table and floor lamps])

and headed to my photography studio (Kitchen table).

So what is it with lighting? specifically expensive lighting that apparently you need to buy. It turns out using your desk lamp, you’re overhead chandelier and even flash lights JUST DON’T WORK!

AND…! why is my camera only allowing me to go up to 1/200 when I have my flash on? I have some serious reading to do.

This is the best result and that’s only because I completely recreated it in post.

July 2 (2 of 1)

Day 32 of 365 – “A Second Look”

I didn’t get out to take any photos today so I was as I was looking at some of my previous photos deciding what to post-post, I went way back to my very first photography class and had a scout around my Granville Island test shots. I kind of like some of them. …so I’m posting them here.

This is one of my favourites. I did some post work on it today now that I know more about lightroom and desaturated everything but the lady.
July 2 - old GI (3 of 1)

The original was a bit skewed due to the odd angle I was at but some work with distortion etc made it better.
July 2 - old GI (2 of 1)

This was my first attempt at manipulation using camera movement. Loved the result! There was so much colour with the original shot but I upped the vibrancy a bit for added ‘pizzazz’
July 2 - old GI (4 of 1)

And this one is just fun. You can’t go wrong on Granville Island for photos.
July 2 - old GI (5 of 1)

Day 24 of 365 – “The Pour”

So you know all those photos in magazines selling wine or brandy? So elegant the way the smooth liquid runs down the page and perfectly circles the glass. It makes me thirsty just thinking of it. I decided to try to recreate that today. Thirst quenched.

I gathered my supplies (white craft paper, work shop lights, ironing board, make shift glass holder, zap straps and duct tape) and locked myself in my photography studio (laundry room) and went to work. IT’S HARD!

apparently rolls of white craft paper doesn’t quite substitute for a photography screen. and clearly big industrial work lamps don’t take the place of proper lighting.

and no, red food colouring doesn’t accurately represent a bold merlot.

and I clearly need to learn how to pour.


June 24  (1 of 1)

Day 19 of 365 – “Cambie Trails”

Today’s lesson was light trails from car traffic. I’ve always loved loved loved the look of these kinds of photos. I’ve never attempted it myself, but I always wanted to try it. So I did. and while it’s not the greatest achievement… the composition is off and the background lights aren’t sharp (which is peculiar since I had it on a closed aperture – f20) but man, I chimped the first shot to see if it worked and I loved it! I was so pleased with myself! all the subsequent photos didn’t wow me like the first one so that one’s the winner tonight.

I have a feeling there are going to be a lot more of this type of thing in the near future.

June 19 (1 of 1)

ISO 100
Post: cropping, rotation

Anyone know what I should be doing to get all lights sharp?

Day 7 of 365 – “The odes”

Today’s pic I was going for something a bit different. My nephew Trav has been working on a video for his class’ award ceremony. I wanted to figure out how to capture it in a photograph. Capturing video in a photo is pretty much impossible considering one is a moving subject and the other is a still. If you just take a photo of the video you’re basically just taking a photo of a photo. Where’s the fun in that?

That’s when I remembered the work of this photographer.

The only problem is a) I wasn’t in a fancy antique theatre, I was in a (pretty rad for a) high school theatre and b) I have no idea what I’m doing.

So my ode to Travis’ talent and ode to a great photographer turned out like this…

June 7, 2013  (1 of 1)

I’m going to start including my settings so that if there are any photographers out there that know what they’re doing and want to give me tips on how to improve, they’ll know what I started at.

ISO 800
Post processing: minor cropping, minor vertical lens correction, desaturate