Day 59 of 365 – “Is That Muck?”

Well. My quest to become the next Ansel Adams took a major hit tonight. Honestly, I quite literally spent the last $40 I had on a shutter release remote and tonight I lost it. I LOST IT!
It’s difficult enough attempting long exposures with no filters but now it’s actually impossible.

I blame it on my dog. Apparently, it’s keeping a grip on his leash or the remote. My brain, it would seem, can’t comprehend keeping track of both.

It’s bad enough having to post day in and day out, photos that I know are crap but now I can’t even attempt my long exposure shots that I’ve been dreaming about for months! No…. I’ll wait until I understand it better, no point wasting a night when it likely won’t come out. IDIOT!


Here is the result on the “dark day”

The title comes from my mother licking her finger and rubbing the monitor “Is that muck?” me: NO IT’S BIRDS!

July 29 (1 of 1)


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