Day 28 of 365 – “The Landscape”

>Welcome back everyone. I survived 3 nights in the wilderness. I learned some very valuable lessons while “living off the land”.

Lesson #1 – Digital SLR Photography put out some great book magazines. I learned a lot about lanscape photography this weekend

Lesson #2 – It’s near impossible to get by in photography without shelling out some serious cash. My want list grew substantially. 10-stop ND filter, ND grad filter, better tripod, a plethora of lenses, horizon level, a job to pay for all this.

Lesson #3 – Long exposure landscapes are going to be my passion as soon as I can afford it.

Today’s photo(s) is taken from atop the Stawamus Chief. I read about some amazing black & white lanscape ideas in Lesson #1’s magazine so I decided to try it out on a few pics.

June 28  (2 of 1)</a

June 28  (1 of 1)


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