Day 10 of 365 – “The Red Hats”

So when I finally started pursuing photography I laughed in the face of everyone talking about ‘fixing in post processing’. I thought to myself. Well that’s not photography! If you can’t do it in camera then you’re a graphic artist not a photographer! Well. I’ve been schooled!

It’s amazing what you can do in post processing with the right programs. I, for one, am currently a graphic artist and NOT a photographer. I can’t seem to get anything to work or look good in camera. Today, for instance I went to Costco… I wasn’t really expecting much, but I now bring my camera everywhere. Low and behold there’s a great opportunity for a photo as a few gentlemen took a break sitting along the carts. as it were the carts were red and they were wearing red hats. I quickly snap a pic (lest anyone actually saw me take the picture) and I get home and BOOM! that shot sucks. But then I fiddle with it in lightroom and BOOM! that’s not half bad. So I’m posting both pics. 1st one is the original with nothing done and the second is the manipulated version.

I feel naked all of a sudden.

Red Hats Original

The Red Hats

ISO 200
Post Processing: A LOT

What would you have done to make the shot work in camera?


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