Day 27 of 365 – “Drum Beat”

Jazz is great.

What’s not great? My reluctance to get up into people’s space to get great photos.

So here’s my best shot.

June 27 (2 of 1)

I won’t be posting for a few days, I’m off to search for photos deep in the woods. Check back on Monday (or Tuesday) to see how I managed!


Day 26 of 365 – “Dread”

I hate having my picture taken. No really. With a passion.

I’m not sure how many really’s it would take to convince you how much I hate getting my picture taken.

Part of this blog was meant to be a healing process between me and my hatred of photographs of myself. I told myself that I would have to do self portraits every once in a while. I used THIS GUY as a measuring tool for self discovery.

Today was my first attempt. It’s too soon.

June 26  (3 of 1)

Day 24 of 365 – “The Pour”

So you know all those photos in magazines selling wine or brandy? So elegant the way the smooth liquid runs down the page and perfectly circles the glass. It makes me thirsty just thinking of it. I decided to try to recreate that today. Thirst quenched.

I gathered my supplies (white craft paper, work shop lights, ironing board, make shift glass holder, zap straps and duct tape) and locked myself in my photography studio (laundry room) and went to work. IT’S HARD!

apparently rolls of white craft paper doesn’t quite substitute for a photography screen. and clearly big industrial work lamps don’t take the place of proper lighting.

and no, red food colouring doesn’t accurately represent a bold merlot.

and I clearly need to learn how to pour.


June 24  (1 of 1)

Day 23 of 365 – “Wise”

So good and bad news. The bad news is I’ve scrapped this weeks theme week. I’m pretty sure I only stuck with it 2 out of the 7 days anyway.

The good news is I bought myself a remote shutter release thing and I’m now going to start practicing long exposures! Yay! I get giddy when I think about attempting some of the awesome shots I’ve seen of long exposures. Of course tonight is a cloudy, rainy day so I can’t try the star trails yet. But don’t you worry, they’ll come.

Tonight I give you East Van Graffiti. Every time I’ve looked at this particular piece of wall art I’ve read it as a question and answer. It’s only now as I’m posting it that it’s actually a quote and author. Hahaha! I prefer it as a question and an answer, myself.

East Van Art

Day 22 of 365 – “Yoga Madness”

Good Evening,

I interupt this theme week (and my wallowing curled up on the couch) to bring you my awesome day today.

I was volunteering for the Ronald McDonald House’s Amazing Journey event. It’s basically the Amazing Race or City Chase but for an awesome charity. I was stationed at the Yoga check in. Which if you know me, that’s a bit of a laugh. I was pleased to learn I was partnered with an actual yoga instructer. Phew.

I’m posting a bunch of photos today, not just one. Because it was so much fun, I want you to relive it with me. If you’re in these photos and don’t want to be posted on this blog, let me know.

June 22 Final (9 of 1)
June 22 Final (21 of 1)
June 22 Final (38 of 1)
June 22 Final (8 of 1)
June 22 Final (32 of 1)
June 22 Final (27 of 1)
June 22 Final (17 of 1)
June 22 Final (1 of 1)
June 22 Final (39 of 1)
June 22 Final (41 of 1)
June 22 Final (40 of 1)
June 22 Final (42 of 1)

Day 21 of 365 – “Filler”

Well I meant to get some impressive photos of flights coming in at the airport. I went. I saw a flight come in. I didn’t get any photos.

I was sitting there waiting all prepared and then I became doubled over in stomache pains. So I left. I pretty much spent the afternoon and evening in bed. I had basically given up putting a post up today, but I figured I should at least put something up.

So here’s a photo I took a couple of weeks ago. It’s boat themed …I think. It was on a dock at least.

Misc photos (2 of 1)